Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Funny week

I don't know where I am this week after the bank holiday Monday and only doing half a day at work yesterday! It was my half day at work today, quite a busy morning so went quite quickly. My Dad had Ethan today whilst I was at work as he isn't at work this week. Ethan had a lovely morning and enjoyed taking Jack the dog for a walk down near the river and weir field. He was quite excited as he was telling me he held Jack's lead and helped 'take him for a walk'.

After I picked Ethan up from My Dad we chilled out at home for a bit then Katy came round. We did some scrapping whilst the children played, something we haven't done in a while so I really enjoyed it. The all had some of one of Ethan's Easter eggs (well I've got to get rid of them some how!!!) and also a little picnic tea.

I went dancing tonight for the riverdance class, which is the dance we will be doing at the competition in June at Skegness Butlins. I only usually go on a Tuesday as it's too far to go Wednesday's as well but as I didn't go yesterday with it being my birthday I went today. We actually did quite a few new moves so it's a good job I went, only six weeks to go! Just hope when it comes round I remember it all and do it right on the day.

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